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Dating online with Senior Nottinghamshire Dating could be the most fun you have online. As a mature single, you will know what you want out of dating more than ever before. You now have the luxury of time, your gut instinct and the ability to date as and when you want to.

Senior Nottinghamshire Dating is always on hand to help you get the most out of your dating journey. You already know about our dedicated customer care team who are on hand to ensure that you can date safely. Our industry leading search engine and filters are able to help singles tailor their ideal match. You’ll also already know that you can date for free within just a few seconds of joining. But we’ve also put together some tip dating tips and advice to help you have dating success as a senior single in Nottinghamshire!

Increase your chances of finding a kindred spirit by completing your dating profile. No one wants to chat with someone whose profile is sparse, has no photos and has out of date information. Your dating profile is your shop window, adorn it with your amazing personality, photos of you smiling and facts about your life. This will help to secure you some first messages!

Use our search engine to your heart's content - it is free, after all! You can search for your ideal match by lots of different criteria. For example, their appearance, age, location, career, salary, whether they smoke or not, their hobbies and their passions. This search engine is your dating golden ticket - it can help you streamline your search for someone who is perfect for you. You’ll be able to avoid the members who don’t do it for you - although you can still have a nose at their profile if you want to!

Write diaries to document your everyday life, dating goals and anecdotes. Senior Nottinghamshire Dating offers all members the opportunity to share more about their lives with our unique diary entries feature. This feature can be used as often as you’d like to share with the entire membership of local singles. We advise you to add stories about your life that are positive and happy. We find that people tend to switch off if someone comes across as overly negative or pessimistic. A bonus is, you can also read the diary entries of members who have caught your eye!

Be honest with yourself and your matches about your dating intentions. If you are looking for fun and flirting but not real commitment, let that be known. If you are actively seeking romance and long term love, tell your potential matches when it feels right. By being honest, you will be more likely to get what it is you want out of Senior Nottinghamshire Dating!